openArchitectureware has moved

If you are looking for oAW, the MDA/MDD generator framework implemented in Java(TM) please note that its components (Workflow Engine, Xpand, Xtend, Check and Xtext) are no longer under active development at this site but have moved to As our letter of intent describes, these components are now available as part of the Eclipse Modeling Project. Since moving to Eclipse, we have implemented a number of exciting new features and - with the help of our active community - fixed a number of bugs.

At Eclipse, we established a working group that guides you through the migration of existing projects. The working group provides Eclipse distributions that contain all components of oAW. The newsgroup supports you with any issue and helps you to find the proper place at Eclipse to ask your questions.

Still looking for oAW 4.3.1 ?

We understand that the migration of large projects can be a quite an effort. Therefore, we will still provide the existing downloads and documentation for oAW 4.3.1. Please note that the old forums and other resources will become outdated over time.

Former version 4.3.1

Need help migrating?

Beside the existing migration documentation itemis offers professional support and will gladly help you with the migration.

to the Eclipse Modeling Project

The components you are looking for are now part of the Eclipse Modeling Project. You will find comprehensive documentation and support at the appropriate Eclipse websites:

Also, for newcomers of these components at Eclipse, please visit the working group at Eclipse. or read the letter of intent.